19 September 2007

New season of Boot 'N Paddle

Hello freshman class! Here’s a sampling of what you guys have been talking about:
- Kelly talked practically all night to Jake about… prettymucheverything.
- Brit told Drew that she has the best boyfriend back home. He knows like everything about her. They’re best friends.
- Mike told Nick about a bunch of parties that were “sick.”
- Meg told her FYP that her brother doesn’t have a belly button. Later, she said it again, and Derick made fun of her because she already said that.
- Jill told Maddie that Derick is soooo funny, and cute.
- Adam told a really loud story in the student center about how he ran from security.
- Pat heard that his roommate hooked up with their neighbor after the quad experience and now Katie is super pissed because she liked Pat’s roommate (after hearing that he had a house in New Hampshire), but now Pat likes Katie (according to Jenn), but he had a cold sore and Katie is super “sketched out,” but is kinda intrigued even though she likes Pat’s roommate because Nicole told her that Pat is awesome at surfing.
- Lars told Thom that his brother just graduated. He lived in the town houses and has friends that are living there and can “hook them up.” Thom didn’t completely understand what Lars meant but said, “oh nice!”
- Valerie was hung over for her first class and told all of her friends back home.
- Kyle remembered a sweet story and told everyone.
- Cameron’s orientation group played the name/drink game and he totally knew what to say…Cameron/Corona.
- Everyone talked about how amazing the Outing Club BBQ was on Wednesday.

Surprised that I know all this? Well, keep reading Boot ‘N Paddle for an expanse of surprises, and not always good ones. Coming to you from the Outing Club, Boot ‘N Paddle will vaguely address the outdoors (who needs to read about the outdoors? You see it everyday. Right? Wrong), but mainly let’s me write pretty much anything I want (no swearing). Keep reading!

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